Archilum Lighting

We are a team of lighting professionals with diversified experience in various fields of Lighting which encompasses the technical & architectural aspects of lighting. Lighting is one of the product lines where technicalities and artistic feel often overlaps and takes precedence based on the specific application areas. And hence an ideal lighting team should have a mix of professionals from both the areas , technical as well as artistic. At Archilum , we are happy to have this right mix thus enabling us to offer the closest fit to any lighting application.


Experts In Lighting Solution

We have been in the lighting field in the GCC countries and India since 2007 and had the privilege of working closely with many prestigious names in the Architectural & Space design field. We take pride in the fact that many of our team members has been with us since the inception of the company. This helps a lot in the continuity of processes and implementation of best practises across all the functions inside the organisation. We started with lighting and then expanded to the wiring accessories field and currently represents 3 of the leading brands in this area.

Project Planning And Execution

We work on a thought line for the client wherein we take the concept on board and then based on the project budget, work on an initial solution, which is in line with the concept and the assigned budget. The final solution is made after multiple discussions with all the stake holders to align it close to the expectations of the client. Once the solution is finalised then we do the detailing like deriving the quantities, making the lighting layouts, writing the specifications etc.